Our Vision

To Express our hope
  • by functioning as a full-gospel church
  • by worshiping God through dynamic praise
  • by embracing people of all nations and walks of life
  • by helping and caring for those in our church family
  • by supporting Christian marriage and the family unit
To perpetuate hope
  • by equipping and training people in the ways of God
  • by providing opportunity to develop God’s five-fold
    ministry gifts
  • by encouraging the development and loving expression of the gifts of the Holy Spirit
  • by training individuals for spiritual ministry
  • by training individuals in practical work and ministry
To communicate our hope
  • by supporting the work of Christian missionaries and commissioning missionaries
  • by reaching out to our community with the love of Christ
  • acknowledging Israel’s unique place in history and the plan of God
  • by participating in community prayer meetings and special services
  • by providing social events within the church
To renew hope
  • by furthering the restoration of the whole person
  • by promoting reconciliation and unity within the Body of Christ